What is Industry

We're about the simple honesty of putting in a hard day’s work. 

We came up in the service Industry, waiting tables, cooking food, washing dishes and we believe there's nothing more noble than serving others. Whether you're a nurse, a janitor, security officer, a mother, or a construction crew, you are Industry.

Theres a learned empathy, a blunt honesty and unique charm that comes from having been in service. We want to give that back, and share it, with everyone.


Industry is your after work happy hour, your quick bite before class, catered lunch for your office, dinner with friends, it’s your shot after a long shift.

Be Nice

At Industry we'll treat you like family, in every sense of the word. We only have one rule, "be nice". If you aren't, we'll tell you like your mother would. We said we'd treat you like family. Our staff is our lifeblood, we treat them right and they treat you right. It's that simple. Our staff love to be here, they love to serve, and you'll come back because of that genuine experience.

That's our pro-customer philosophy. We take care of them, they take care of you.

Come see
what we mean

Our menu is made for you.
It's diverse, filling, healthy when you want to be, and fair priced. But most importantly it's fast, and every dish will fill you up without the food coma.  

Our restaurant was built for you.

Because Industry service means that you can order at the counter and we'll bring the order to you.
Flag us down for anything else, or park at a table and do your own thing. We're good with it.

Clock out and hang out.
Whether it's for the game or just the end of your working day, we have 20 taps with draft cocktails, wines, and beers. Mix it up; maybe hang at our neighbor; Hops & Grain's tasting room and we'll bring the food to you!

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"If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it's the restaurant business."  - Anthony Bourdain
Service Industry always 15% off