Harlan Scott


Growing up in north Houston, before he was old enough for his first job, Harlan knew he wanted to wait tables. Harlan loved the idea of a job where the harder you work, the nicer you are, and the funnier you are, the more money you make… in cash! Harlan got that chance when the esteemed Denny’s restaurant chain promoted him from busser to server when he was 17. He was a big deal!  Harlan waited tables in various restaurants while attending high school and college, and found that he’d rather work a double and go out with his coworkers than attend class. By 23 Harlan was managing restaurants full time. When people ask why he didn’t graduate, he likes to say that he decided to go pro midway through his senior year.  Like so many, he got sucked into the service Industry and it became not just a career, but a lifestyle. Harlan has been a leader in the growth of multiple restaurant groups as an operations manager, and has since founded a successful consulting company, Harlan Scott Hospitality, and to date has played a leading role in opening and managing 9 unique concepts while helping dozens of clients find profitability, scaleability, and most importantly, quality of life.


Harlan promised everyone he’d never open his own restaurant, but Cody wouldn’t leave him alone about it. Cody was a server at heart too. Then came the idea of opening something that celebrates the industry that’s given them so much: unforgettable stories of getting arrested, that time he almost died, financial success, best friends, and ex-girlfriends. Harlan wants to give back and share the culture that made him who he is today, and believes that this rugged and genuine spirit appeals to everyone even if they never worked in a restaurant. Harlan’s recipe for Industry will be the same time tested one he’s used throughout his career: Surround yourself with genuinely good human beings and be authentic to a fault.  The rest will take care of itself.

"If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it's the restaurant business."  - Anthony Bourdain
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