Cody Taylor


Originally from Goliad, Texas, Cody also fell victim early in life to the allure of late nights and long hours, dealing with rude people, and coming to work hungover. However, he actually managed his successful career in the industry while still going to class.  Naturally, it was in the industry where Cody first met Harlan and then later Todd, though it wasn’t until almost 10 years later that he realized he had his dream team to open Industry all along. Cody graduated from Texas State in 2009 while simultaneously running the 20 year Austin institution, Café Josie. Cody later bought the restaurant and rejuvenated the brand in a market that sees 100 restaurants open every year and just as many close. Things really took off when Todd became executive chef of Café Josie and Cody created a unique unlimited prix-fixe menu dubbed “The Experience,’ the first of it’s kind in Austin, and now defines the restaurant's success.


Cody’s success in the industry can be attributed to his willingness to connect with every customer, every employee, and every process in the restaurant. Every review, every penny wasted, and every dish with just a little too much salt matters to Cody.  His first restaurant and now Industry are an embodiment of that attention to detail and concern for everyone around him.  If you’ve been to Industry, then you’ve likely met Cody. It was his idea to come back to San Marcos, and do a project with longtime regular and respected developer Mark Shields. In fact, Cody has spent every day at Industry during the construction so if there’s anything you don’t like about the design be sure to tell him; it’s totally his fault. Cody has a dog named Honey, and he also used to a have really long ZZ Top style beard.  But since he shaved it off, he decided to join a band so he would still be considered cool. Cody is the drummer for the Honeysuckle Roses, who do a mean cover of the “The Promise.”

"If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it's the restaurant business."  - Anthony Bourdain
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