Chef Todd Havers


Growing up in Brenham, Texas and later attending Texas State, southern cooking and small town charm are in Todd’s DNA. Cooking for Todd has always been about family, friends, and being social, not trying to prove to be something you’re not.  This comes through in the simplicity yet full flavor of Industry’s menu.  That being said, Todd knew it was important to spend a little time in the big city to hone his craft and leave behind a world of chain restaurants and burger joints that dominated every highway exit 10 years ago.  He needed inspiration and mentorship if he was going to make cooking his career. Similar to Harlan’s path, Todd didn’t find going to class as fun as developing as an artist in the kitchen. Todd moved to Austin and spent the next decade working under some of the most notable culinary minds in the city.  But whereas Harlan was busy throwing keg parties, Todd moved to Austin and married his college sweetheart, Brandi, who is way better looking than him, by the way. They also have an adorable, son Ian, who also gets his looks from his mother.


While not forgetting his southern roots and affinity for simple and bold flavors, Todd expanded his repertoire into different ethnic flavors and cooking techniques while working his way up from cook, to sous chef, to executive chef. And while he learned a thing or two in Austin, it was the cooking technique of smoking that was already in his blood. And smoking our meats, vegetables… everything, is the focal point of industry. It was at Café Josie, where Todd was promoted to executive chef, when he realized that smoking wasn’t just for brisket, but actually a flavorful and practical way to make average foods taste exceptional.  Cody and Harlan bought Todd an electric Texas Live Oak smoker that can literally smoke anything 24/7 so he can nerd out and smoke as many things as possible. Don’t be surprised to see smoked cocktails, smoked ice cream, smoked ketchup, etc.  If you think he’s getting carried away please tell him to his face, because Cody and Harlan don’t have the heart. 

"If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it's the restaurant business."  - Anthony Bourdain
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