working doubles


Growing up in north Houston, before he was old enough for his first job, Harlan knew he wanted to wait tables. Harlan loved the idea of a job where the harder you work, the nicer you are, and the funnier you are, the more money you make… in cash!... 


Originally from Goliad, Texas, Cody also fell victim early in life to the allure of late nights and long hours, dealing with rude people, and coming to work hungover. However, he actually managed his successful career in the industry while still going to class...


Growing up in Brenham, Texas and later attending Texas State, southern cooking and small town charm are in Todd’s DNA. Cooking for Todd has always been about family, friends, and being social, not trying to prove to be something you’re not.  This comes through in the simplicity yet full flavor of Industry’s menu...

"If anything is good for pounding humility into you permanently, it's the restaurant business."  - Anthony Bourdain
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